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The Florida Department of Education does not accredit, approve, regulate or license private schools. Accreditation is completely voluntary which demonstrates that a school that desires to be accredited is open to making improvements and being held to the Standards outlined by the agency.


VALIDATION! Accreditation provides an external, objective view of the school which demonstrates their value and commitment to education. The Standards are made publicly available for review by parents. 


School administrators  often discover through the  accreditation process areas for improvement. There are many things to consider when running a school, from financial stability to student safety. Sometimes there are areas of weakness, but it is not yet identified. Through self-study and review by ACA, schools take the time to look for these areas and form a plan for improvement. 


One of our goals, as an agency, is to encourage the teaching of the US Constitution in private schools. As a nation, is the the stance of ACA, that our children need to have an understanding of the Constitution. ACA provides as many opportunities to members to receive the tools necessary to increase this understanding. 


The purpose of a site-visit is to validate information provided in the application as well as offer suggestions for improvement. ACA requires site-visits annually for the first 3 years and every other year thereafter. Site-visits are an integral part of Accreditation.


ACA maintains complete confidentiality of all financial records, student information and any sensitive information provided by the school for evaluation. ACA is committed to the privacy of students and faculty.  Further, ACA will not accredit any school with which there is a conflict of interest.